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Box Lunches 

Snack Food
Pastrami Sandwich
Cheese Lunch Ingredients
Steak Sandwich
Roastbeef Sandwich
Pasta with Chicken and Bell Peppers
Gerry Curry with Mushrooms and Tomatoes
Remember, we specialize in custom orders - these menus are only a small sample of what is available

Deluxe Box

Each box includes choice of sandwich, fresh deli salad, dessert, chips, piece of fruit or fruit cup, gourmet chocolate, utensils, and condiments


Salad Box

Choice of salad, fresh baked bread and butter, dessert, gourmet chocolate, utensils and condiments


Child's Box

Choice of sandwich (cut into fourths), yogurt, juice box, chips, fresh fruit, candy, toy surprise, condiments, and utensils


Entree Box

Choice of dinner entree, small side salad, bread and butter, freshly baked dessert, utensils, and condiments 


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