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What kind of packaging do you use?  
Can I pay catering charges with my fuel bill?
What about prices?
What size aircraft do you service?
What airports do you service?
What kind of lead time do I need for orders?
We use aircraft packaging that fits your plane. Our platters are silver look trays and we can use real silver trays. Hot food can be packaged in a variety of microwaveable containers or metal tins depending on your planes galley configuration.
Because Vail is in a resort area, we have a busy and slower season. We are busiest from December 15 to April 15 in the winter and June 15 to September 15 in the Summer. During these times we require more lead time - Calling the day before your departure is strongly recommended. Remember for Vail, we are inside the Jet Center, so we can be more flexible with "Pop ups". We have a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy on all orders. 
Our prices are very competitive with other aircraft caterers in the Aspen and Vail Valleys. There is no delivery charge in Vail because we are in the Jet Center. 
We service Eagle County Airport from our kitchen in the FBO at the Vail Valley Jet Center. 
Catering Charges to Eagle's Vail Valley Jet Center can go directly on your fuel bill or the credit card of your choice.
Everything from Piper Cubs to G-4's and 727's
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